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Splatter Palette will be on holiday for the next few weeks, until the end of May.

Any questions, requests or orders will not be processed until June 2024.

O.W.L Examinations Message Board

O.W.L Examinations Message Board

Inspired by the Wizard World! This beautifully handcrafted Chalk Board can help you jot down important notes when you're studying for your O.W.L's or N.E.W.T's! 
This creation can only be found at Splatter Palette because its concept is designed solely by yours truly! Completely hand painted with chalk paint on a wood board (size 8X10 inches). Sealed with Chalk Wax for protection.
All embellishments are hand made, including:
- Chocolate Frog Eraser (Made of clay. Bottom with padded felt)
- 6 mini proclamation boards ( designed, printed and laminated onto mini hand sculpted boards)
- Wax seal (made from clay)
- 4 Wizard textbooks, designed, printed and laminated (made of clay).
- Mini clay scroll.
- Mini feather quill.
- Mini sculpted wand (made of clay)
- Several glass bottles, including a chalk holder, ink bottle and a glow in the dark Potion bottle charm!
All of the items are glued to the wood except for the Chocolate Frog Felt Eraser and the Potion Bottle charm which you can attach to a necklace, key chain or anywhere else you like!

Please note that some imperfections may occur since these are hand crafted items.
The Chocolate Frog eraser is more of a novelty and doesn't 'completely' remove the chalk. Board erases completely with a damp cloth.
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