The following photos are some of my family favorites from previous birthday parties. Any of these ideas can be recreated to fit your own party theme.

Toy Story Ideas

Pizza Planet Pizza Boxes
Mini 'Pizza Planet' Boxes filled with mini pizzas made out of white and coloured chocolates.
Mini Chocolate Pizzas
Place your favorite pizza toppings using chocolate or candy sprinkles.
Slink Utensil Holder
A 'Slinky Dog' utensil Holder: Using card stock and a pipe cleaner.
Toy Story Cookies
Draw your favorite characters on white cookie icing using edible markers.
Hamm Bites
Shape kielbasa or ham into bite
sized 'Hamm' characters. Use edible markers or peppercorn for eye details.
Cheese Bites
Shape cheese into planets or 'Lotso Huggin' Bears.'
Alien Eggs
Deviled 'Alien' Eggs. Add green food colouring to egg mix and details using egg white eyes and parsley hair.
Alien Eggs
Close up.
Mr Potato Head Cheese Ball
Create a Mr. Potato Head Cheese Ball. I used candy lips and eyes but you can cut different veggies to create your own face.
Army Soldiers
Place candy army soldiers in a jar or bucket with a 'Bucket of Soldiers' label. This looked so cute!
Toy Story Train
Since my son's birthday is in January, I purchased a gingerbread train kit and created the train from Toy Story 3. I added a photo of the birthday boy in a buzz outfit in the front and cut out images of all of the characters in the back. I also used some toy story themed candy to decorate the train. My son loved this!
Bullseye Game
I found the perfect Bullseye download game on the Disney website but I added my own view finder blind fold.
Mr. Potato Head Magnets
Cut out oval shapes using brown cardstock and as many different clip art body parts, clothing and accessories so the kids can create their own Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head. I also had googly eyes available. You can pre cut double sided or foam tape into small sizes so they can be attached easier and avoid scissor mishaps.
When their Potato Head was complete, I added a magnet to the back so they could stick it up on their fridge when they got home.
Mr. Potato Head Toss Game
Make your own Mr. Potato Head toss game but drawing his back image onto a poster board. The kids toss the actual Mr. Potato Head parts into the rear opening, just as they would with the real toy. So cute!
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Hawaiian / Summer Party Ideas

Watermelon BBQ!
So simple! All you need is fruit, skewers and yogurt. The 'coal' inside the grill are black grapes.
If your party is going to be outdoors, you may want to freeze some grapes and place them around your fruit to keep them cool.
Create colourful placemats with card stock and images of your favorite beach items. The left flip flop is actually a pocket that serves as a napkin holder. The bucket of sand contains a shell that is decorated with the guests name.
Snack Buckets
Instead of bowls, use colourful plastic buckets to hold snacks. Instead of using their fingers, they can use a toy shovel to scoop up their snacks!
Coconuts Game
Place the Coconuts on the Tree Game: Make your own Hawaiian scene poster by painting it, using coloured paper (as I did here) or using clip art. Cover a pair of sunglasses with an arrangement of cut out paper images (Flowers and flip flops were used here) and you have your own unique blind fold!
Flip Flop Craft
Each party guest was given a pair of flip flops to decorate, using stick on jems and assorted summer themed embellishments. Remember: if you don't know their shoe size, It's always better to buy larger!
Berries Game
Use a poster, paint or draw an image of the party theme you're having and create your own party game. Can you guess this theme?
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Cars / Monster Truck Party Ideas

Lightning McQueen and Sally Cookies
Made by using a simple car cookie cutter shape.
Monster Truck Cookies
If you can find Monster Truck cookie cutters, I suggest you buy them! I didn't have any so I used a plastic knife to shape each cookie. It was a lot of effort but the result was great. Pick your favorite Monster Trucks and have a fun creating them out of icing.
Cheese Flag
Create a checkered flag out of cheese for a healthy snack.
Treat Boxes
Make small boxes filled with mini chocolates for your party guests. I added the birthday boy's face in the driver's seat of his favorite monster truck.
Treat Boxes
An inside view of the treat box.
Chocolate with Custom Wrappers
Mini Hershey chocolates were used here. I measured it's dimensions and created wrappers showcasing images of different monster trucks against a checkered back ground. Then I wrapped each bar and taped it into place.
Custom Water Bottle Labels
Every party needs a drink station so wrap water bottles with custom 'Fuel' labels to give to your active little drivers.
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Littlest Pet Shop Party Ideas

Treasure Hunt
Attach paper bunny ears to head bands so your guests can 'hop' to each treasure hunt location. I found these plastic carrot containers at Easter time which were perfect to hide clues in. You can also use plastic eggs decorated with stickers.
Bunny Ear Head Bands
Use Cardstock to create some bunny ears and tape them on plastic headbands.
 Turtle Game
Place the Party Hat on the Turtle Game: I drew and coloured one of the pets on Bristol board with balloons in the background. Use card stock ( or print out decorated hats using a computer program.) For the blindfold, I enlarged an image of a monkey head, printed it on card stock and glued it onto black paper. Attach some elastic cord and you're done.
Monkey Mask
Doesn't she look cute?! You can use any of the animals you'd like or make several of them.
Kitty Mask Craft
Our party craft was to create your own Kitty Mask. I made a line drawing of the image that I liked, making sure it was the right size by testing it on the birthday girl, and made several copies on card stock.
I cut out the holes where their eyes would be and where the elastic cord would attach on either side of the mask, but left the rest of the decorating and cutting up to them. I also enlarged some clip art of assorted hats and accessories they might want to add.
Kitty Mask Results!
Even though they used the same kitty image, their end results were very different, showcasing their individuality. It was a huge success!
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