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                                       PARTY FAVORITES



The following photos are some of my family favorites from previous birthday parties. Any of these ideas can be recreated to fit your own fan art party theme.


My son really wanted the licensed Pokemon plates, cups, napkins and table cloth this year so I just had to focus on some treat bags and other small fan art decor items...yay!!

Pokemon Table Setting
Pokemon water bottles
pokemon grab bag

Water bottles were wrapped with Pokemon labels that I found on line.

Yellow treat bags were decorated with an image of Pikachu. I used foam tape to make them 3-D.

Pokemon bookmarks
Pokemon card holders
Pokemon pencils

I made bookmarks by printing them onto card stock and laminating them.

I used markers to make pearl beads look like Pokemon balls and added some string.

I made card pouches by using felt, hot glue and t-shirt transfer paper that I printed on the computer and ironed on. Inside, I glue some Velcro so the pouch can close securely.


I made pencil toppers by painting small Styrofoam balls.

Since I had some larger Styrofoam balls, I painted those as well to add into the treat bags or place on the table for decor.

Pokemon styrofoam balls
Pokeon gift bags

On his actual birthday, Tristan likes to share a treat with his classmates at school.

This year, it was Pokemon sugar cookies!

Use your favorite sugar cookies recipie, circle cookie cutters and decorate with red, white and black icing. (Tip: When drawing with the icing, I did the white and red halves first, then a black line across with a circle in the middle. Then a white dot in the center of the black)

Pokemon cookies

Ahoy Mateys! Pirate Party Pieces


Fishy crackers are the perfect snack at a pirate party. I wanted to give each guest their own serving at the table but I didn't want to use regular boring bowls or plates.

So, I came up with this clever idea... Pirate Ship Jar Toppers. Now, kids can go fishing and nibble on the crackers or have them walk the plank!

The boat sits on top of a baby food jar. It can easily be removed to be washed.

After the party, it can also be used to store mini toys, like Lego pieces.

The materials I used were, cardboard, card stock, wooden sticks, twine, pirate themed stickers, hot glue, baby food jar, and decoupage coating.

You can decorate your ship any way you want (ex. Write your child's name and age on the flag, include paper characters inside your ship etc.) The fan art possibilities are endless!

Hot Lava Game


Put a twist on 'Hot Potato' by using a lava rock and playing the 

'Hot Lava" song from Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates.              

To make a lava rock, take a square block of styrofoam and shape 

using a knife. Try and take off all of the straight edges to make it 

look more organic. Then, paint it black and you're done!

d.i.y lava rock

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