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                                       SLUMBER PARTY



The Ultimate Sleepover:

'Light's Out!' Slumber Time Series 

The following items were inspired and created especially for my daughter's first sleepover birthday party.

The girls loved them and I'm sure they will treasure them and their memories always!

Slumber Time Bed and Storage Box

Create these whimsical, decorative boxes, designed as beds.

Lift the mattress and a secret storage compartment is revealed.

Perfect for slumber party treat boxes!

How To: You can use any small box that has a lid. I found photo boxes to be the perfect size. 

Decorate the bottom part of the box with felt or your desired material, like a bed skirt.

Wrap the top of the lid in white to create the mattress.

Then glue on the bed sheet, turned the top part down for added detail.

For the head board, you can use cardboard or thick felt. Glue it in place.

And finally, my favorite part is using baking clay to create mini items to place on top of the bed for added detail; such as mini pillows, slippers, toys, even a music player! 

Slumber Party gift boxes.
Slumber party gift box

The perfect way to carry your sleepover accessories (toothbrush, comb, etc.)

The small compact has a real mirror and the popcorn bucket is an outside pocket.

When it’s empty, turn it over and it becomes a small pillow!

Slumber Time Bag and Pillow

How to: First, create a small pillow out of felt and stuffing.

Then, create a large pocket out of felt which is a bit smaller than the size of the pillow. Glue or sew in place.

Decorate both sides with images made out of felt or use glitter glue, mini mirrors etc.

I added a small popcorn pouch on the one side for added storage.

Attach a pretty ribbon as a handle and your done!

Slumber Party Pillow
Slumber Party Pillow
Slumber Party Pillow

Slumber Time Handyband and Mask

A reversible head band accessory that fits on to any size head band.

Also turns into a sleeping mask!

Sleep mask
Girl wearing sleep mask
sleep mask

Party Display Tips


Convert a table into a bed and place your treat bags and Party gifts on it!

Add a sleeping mask on your favorite teddy bear.

Turn your cake into a bed and decorate it with mini bears, slippers etc. that you can sculpt with baking clay!


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