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                                       SOCCER PARTY



Soccer birthday boy

My son wanted a soccer party but his birthday is in January which doesn't allow for the outdoor soccer game he desired.

Instead, we decided to rent the gym at the community center.

I still wanted to create a themed party room so I got everything ready and took photos of everything in case I didn't have time for such details at the hectic center!

Details matter for every memorable party or event and

it all begins with your invitation.

This soccer invite was designed to look like a

professional soccer game ticket!

Please click on the image below for your own template.

Please remember that any downloads are for personal use only.

Table Setting for Soccer party
Table Setting for Soccer Party

I bought a green tablecloth and created a soccer field on it

by using a white paint marker and a ruler.

On top, I made soccer field place mats, and created my own cups

by using soccer team logos glued onto black paper cups.

Plates and napkins were store bought.

I added a small soccer balloon on each plate for fun and

soccer jerseys on their chairs.

I will be making the kids their own jerseys before the party so they can play

against each other as two teams at the gym.

A trophy in the center is the finishing touch!

Place Settings

Add some fun to your table with these adorable cutlery holders and placemats!

Click on the above image for free placemat templates

Soccer Placemat
Soccer utensil holders

Click on the above image for  free cutlery templates

Soccer Cups

You can use any colour of cup you like. Just print and glue the logos on to the front!

soccer cups
Click on the above image for
free soccer logo templates

Water Bottles

soccer water bottles

Click on the above image for free water bottle

wrapper templates

Matching Card Game

Soccer match card game

Click on the above image for free templates

Treat Bags

Soccer treat bags
soccer whistles

Click on the above image for free mini brazuka templates

You can also use the cutlery templates to make these adorable lollipop holders!

soccer treat bags

Click on the above image for free soccer ball templates

soccer choloate pops

Chocolate coins can be made into these wonderful medals! Simply, glue a ribbon on the back and add a small logo in the front!

Personalize mini chocolate bars with their own wrapper. These ones are wrapped around kitkat bars.

chocolate medals

Click on the above image for free medal templates

These cookies were made by using gingerbread cutters!

soccer cookies


mini chocolate bar

Click on the above image for free mini chocolate bar wrapper templates

soccer cookies

Click on the above image for free bag topper templates

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