My beautiful son Tristan wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party. These are most of the creations we came up with. Hopefully, you'll be able to use some of these ideas for your own geekery parties!

Lightsaber Invitations

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Lightsaber invitation

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These are awesome! Invite your guests with their own lightsaber invitation!

The laser card holds all of the party information. When you pull the card to read it, the laser beam seems to grow larger and!

Click on the center photo for a free template!

Table Place Setting

What party guest wouldn't want to sit here?!

I have most of these ideas with free templates available on this page.

From my home to yours...enjoy!

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R2D2 Stuffies

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Everyone loves R2D2! These are very simple to make even if you can't sew.

They make wonderful party gifts or simply use them to decorate the room.

Click on the photo for instructions and a free template!

Yoda Juice Boxes

Turn your average juice box into a star wars character!

First, I wrapped green cardstock around the juice box.

Then, I designed Yoda to fit the size of the front of the juice box and glued him in place.

Finally, I wrapped the end of the straw with a bit of duck tape, added a couple of buttons with a marker and attached this lightsaber on the side!

R2D2 Cake


You don't have to be an expert in cake decorating for this simple cake design.

Bake a rectangular cake and trim a bit around the top to shape the head. Use different coloured icing in piping bags to add the shapes which complete this adorable droid.

Licorice Lightsabers


Dip the ends of licorice sticks in melted white chocolate and when they harden, decorate them with buttons using edible markers.

(You can also stick mini candy buttons onto the chocolate

before it hardens.)

Obi-wan Kebobies


Decorate the ends of skewer sticks with tape and paint to create lightsabers sticks. Then, use fruit to create the laser! I stuck with red and green lightsabers but you can use any fruit you wish.


Free Template

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Darth Maul's Lightsaber Napkin Holder

Display your cutlery with these awesome Darth Maul lightsabers!

Make sure you use red napkins and cutlery since that's the colour of his laser.


Tie Fighter Decorations  

Instead of using balloons, you can make your own Tie-Fighter spaceships!

You can use styrofoam balls for this if you wish. However, I purchased several small foam balls from the dollar store so my son can re-use them later.

I left the protective plastic cover on that the balls came with and simply wrapped each ball with Duct tape to give them a metallic look. Then, I used cardstock to create the ship's 'wings'. I glued the wings onto the ball by attaching them with small cylinders (cut from a wrapping paper roll) which I had also wrapped in duct tape.

After you paint on some details and add some clear string, they will look incredible hanging up all over the place.


Lightsaber Decorations

I made two kinds of lightsabers for this party. They are both easy to make so you can decide which one best suits you.

Lightsaber #1 is made by using a pool noodle! Create a handle out of black and silver cardstock and paint on some buttons and lights. These lightsabers are extremely lightweight so the kids can actually play them with without much fear of getting hurt.

Lightsaber #2 is made out of a roll of wrapping paper. Using the same method of creating the handle as above, this time you attach it to the end of a roll of plain coloured wrapping paper. Lightsabers are usually red, green or purple.

With this method, once the party is over, you can re-use the paper!

Please note that this method creates heavier lightsabers which you definately don'y want kids hitting each other with!

Below are some ways you can use your lightsabers to decorate your party room.



R2D2 Storage Bin

These mini garbage containers are easy to find and make perfect R2D2's!

Click on the picture below to get the template that I created.

You just cut and paste! They make great party favours, treat or toy holders. You can also have the kids make their own for a party craft.

Have fun!

Free Template
(For personal use only)

Lego Star Wars Bingo Game


Free Download

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Destroy The Death Star

Paint a scene on a three panel presentation board and make

your own Death Star game toss!

Whoever tosses the most lego pieces inside the Death Star wins!

The Exploding Death Star Game 

Paint a large styrofoam ball to resemble the Death Star. I used a sponge cut into a rectangle to make the large shapes.

This game is played just like 'Hot Potato'. Pass the Death Star around as the music plays. Periodically, pause the music and whoever is caught holding the Death Star when the music stops, is out! The last player remaining, wins!


Prize or Treat Holders

I found these during Halloween! They were sold to hold candy for Trick-or-Treaters but I bought them to hold toys in my son's room. He gave me permission to use them during his party. Thank you Tristan!


Chalkboard Placemats with Lightsaber Chalk

Here's an easy way to keep the kids busy at the dinner table. Cover some hard cork placemats with chalk paint. The paint comes in many colours to fit your party theme and the best part is they're reusable to include in other parties!

For a special touch, I painted the bottom of the chalk to make them look like lightsabers!