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Splatter Palette will be on holiday for the next few weeks, until the end of May.

Any questions, requests or orders will not be processed until June 2024.



                             EARLY BEGINNINGS



Handybands! Splatter Palette started with this fun creation!

A whimsical headband accessory that was stylish, fun and functional!

Its hand crafted, original design opened to a full pouch where you could store just about anything and carry it with you! A way to reinvent your own headband by giving it a new style and one of a kind look. Some Handybands came already filled with games and surprises!

​     Every Handyband was artistically hand crafted and painted using soft, washable felt, fabric paint and/or glitter glue and beads. The pouches closed securely using Velcro attachments. Handybands attached easily to your headbands through small elastic loops.​ Handybands were available in two sizes that would fit any thin (width from 1–2 .5 cm) or thick (width from 2.5-4.5 cm) plastic or fabric headband.



Heading 1


​​Treasured Memory Album Charms


These beautiful, unique album charm keepsakes help showcase

your precious memories.

Each Childhood Memory Charm is sold separately so you can collect them as your child grows! It starts with your Ultrasound photo and ends with their wedding!

They can be attached to a necklace or used as decorative adornments on gifts or frames. Imagine them hanging on your child's first teddy bear or other keepsakes.

Pet Lover's will adore having their furry friend on charm or bracelet!

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