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Luna Mug and Spoon Set

This cup is gorgeous! It has all the features of Luna. It's so cool and unique. I love it

Feb. 2024


Rat Goblet Ornament

I've ordered from this shop before and I'm just as happy with these items in this

order as my first one last year. I have a Harry Potter tree that I put up every October 1st.

I'll continue to return to this shop for future ornaments.

Her work is amazing, the detail is wonderful!

Sept. 2023


Trolley Sign

We’ve always lived in spaces too small but I dreamed of having a snack cart for our

living room when we lived in a place big enough and I imagined it evoking the same

idea and feeling the Honey Dukes cart on Hogwarts does. The trolley witch kindly offering,

“Something from the Trolley, Dears?” as she passed, was always one of the things that

made me feel like I was right there on the Hogwarts Express (silly, I know)! We still don’t

have a ton of space but we have enough for a small snack cart, finally! So when I was

shopping around for little decor stuff for it, I wanted a sign or something that said what the

Honey Dukes Trolley Witch says (very specific, I know)! Low and behold, I found this sign

which was EXACTLY what I pictured for my snack cart! Absolutely perfect! Beautifully made,

wrapped well, & shipped quickly! A+++++++

April. 2023


Burrow Wood Decor

It’s so beautiful! I love that it can stand in its own!

March. 2023

Jordyn Renaghan

Sweater Ornament

So excited to put this up on my tree next year!

Feb. 2023



Miniature School Suitcase Ornament

Amazing ornament!! I am so happy with it and love all the details.

Thank you so much for all the extra goodies too.

Jan. 2023


Sweater Ornaments

These are even better in person! Beautiful quality, great packaging, and fast shipping.

So so happy!

Beautifully done! I love these so much.

Dec. 2022


Beaux Batons Wand

Loving every single detail of it. The owner also included an extra wand of 

choice for my birthday. For that I'm super grateful. Thank you so much Dina!<3

Nov. 2022

Melody Leon

Sweets Glasses

I am so in love with these margarita glasses. They are truly a work of art! 💚💙💜

Oct. 2022


Melody Leon


Wizard Sport Mug and Spoon Set

Speechless, just when you think you hit the jackpot, Dina creates another

gorgeous wizard item! And its causing a war at the coffee bar. Pretty sure I saw

Mrs. Weasley fighting over this one.

Sept. 2022

Melody Leon

Statue Wand

Always wonderful and unique! Although all Dina;s wands have a quality weight,

this one seems even heavier. No shortcuts ever on her materials. You definitely

get what you pay for. Remember that if you're a die hard fan <3

Aug. 2022


Crochet Hook Set

I love them! They are so fun and unique!

July. 2022



Door Mug and Spoon Set

So beautiful!! Quality is amazing, shipped super quick and had an adorable

extra gift and card from the seller. Would 100% recommend this shop!!

June. 2022


Candy Wand

I found it forever wand shop <3 The owner is so talented, words cannot

even begin to explain the quality and artistic depths of these wands.

Shipping is so fast and comes packaged very carefully. Again, I have no words for

how vital it is you all buy from this shop! It is absolutely perfect- Thank you so much again!

Will be purchasing AT LEAST 4 more wands :)

June. 2022


Head Wand

I don't even know where to begin! This shop is absolutely AMAZING! I chose the

Knight Bus sign and the Head wand because the Knight Bus is my all time favorite

part of the Harry Potter series. It is hilarious- the shipping was even faster than

estimated and these products are really made with love and creation. I am definitely

planning on purchasing at least two more wands from this shop. I cannot recommend

this shop ENOUGH to anyone and everyone! 11/10 service! Thank you so much!

May. 2022

Perry Hunter

Awesome Mix Cassette Earrings

All I can say is the earrings and surprise necklace made my

guardians outfit! Super quick shipping and highly recommend.

May. 2022


Melody Leon

Molly Sweater Mug and Spoon Set.

What can I possibly say. Dina's art studio is Santa's workshop. Harry Potter style!

Every package brings me such joy :)

May. 2022

Melody Leon

Willow Tree Mug and Spoon Set

I can sit here repeating myself over and over! The artistic ability,

fast shipping, customer service....WHHATTT? It's incredible!

How one woman has so much consistency baffles me!

Now let me tell you how your Christmas morning quality package will arrive...Nah...

Make a purchase and find out! Hahahahaha.


Apr. 2022


Shrunken Head Ornament

Love, love, LOVE this! Also love how it was packaged and the additional

surprises inside! Felt like Christmas morning! Thank you!!

Mar. 2022



Hippogriph Mug and Spoon Set

I had been eyeing this mug for a while and saved to finally buy it.

IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! The item arrived packaged nicely and the

attention to detail is incredible! I felt like I was opening a package from Hogwarts.

The sweet shop owner even included a freebie, which was so thoughtful of her.

As for the product itself, the creativity and quality is amazing! I still can't

believe this was handmade. I've been using it almost every day and only hand

washing as instructed and so far no problems with it. Design is still

intact and looks new! This shop is a must for all Potterhead mug collectors ;)

Mar. 2022

Melody Leon

Joke Shop Mug and Spoon Set

I just can't get enough of Dina's artwork.

She's the reason why I can't retire! Hahahaha. (kidding)

Mar. 2022


Melody Leon

Birthdae Mug and Spoon Set

Always exceptional! I cant wait for the dessert plates!

Mar. 2022


Magical Ministry Mug and Spoon.

This item is high quality. So beautifully made with love.

I will treasure it always. Thank you Dina!

Jan. 2022


Melody Leon

Snake Mug and Spoon Set

What can I say? Exceeds any expectations! I usually buy wands 7 or 8 of them.

I wold buy more but she refuses to make me my own Ollivander's display!!

Hahahaha. (Soooo jealous)

Dec. 2021

Lori Taylor

Wizard Clock Wand

A great addition for any Harry Potter fan. Especially if you love the

Weasley family! The clock is a trademark icon that's recognized everywhere!

Nov. 2021

Magically Home

Plums Locket

Beautiful and a great addition to my collection!

Plums Topiary Tree

Even better in person! This series is stunning. Love it!

July 2021

Nichole Wheeler

Dirigible Plums Bracelet

I can't say enough kind words about this shop and their products!

I reached out to the owner to inquire about a custom order, and she created an

entire new listing within 2 days and kept me updated on her progress!

The bracelet is so adorable and exactly what I was hoping for.

July 2021


Burrow Hanging Decor

This is a beautiful item. Love the artwork and the service from Dina

is always top -notch! Thank you!

June 2021


Plums Mug and Spoon Set

Awesome mug and awesome seller.

She sent some lovely extras in my box.

Will be buying from here again. Really well executed.

May 2021


Justine F

Sweaters Mug and Spoon Set

Absolutely love my new mug. Sent with great care and extra gift.

March 2021


Plums Mug and Spoon Set

I don't know what to say. I am speechless.

It's sooooo gorgeous. I always wanted to purchase

something from Dina and I finally was able to having a bit of

money set aside. It is worth every penny and her work is just

out of this world...details and originality. It will go on my collection

right away. Thanks so much for your talent!

Can't wait to make another magical purchase!

Feb 2021


Nutcracker Wand

We absolutely love it! Your workmanship is incredible!

And thank you for the little surprise gift. Happy New Year!

Jan 2021



Krum Wand

Absolutely in love with it! Plus it came very fast! Really recommended.



Just As Sane Necklace

I ordered this for a gift exchange and it is just as pictured!

Very pretty. She even sent a cute Harry Potter card with it.

I would definitely order from here again.

Nov. 2020

Kevin Jorissen

Joke Shop Wand

Fun Joke Shop Wand that's easy to picture on a shelf in WWW.

Cute and nicely protected in a wand box.

Nov. 2020


Carrie Hall

Wizards Bath Salts Set

My friend loved her gift! The shipping was super fast,

and the package was well wrapped. Bottles and accompanying

box were all gorgeous!

Thank you so much!

Sept. 2020


Haley Livingston

Winged Pocket Watch

I absolutely freaking love this gorgeous Pocket Watch!!!

July 2020


Darleen Wood

Joke Frame

Beautifully done Wizarding Joke Shop Picture frame. Love all the little

elements that were added. Quick Shipping and great to deal with.

Wizard Clock Wand

Beautiful wand with amazing attention to detail.

Quick shipping and great to deal with.

June 2020



Plums Locket

Such a lovely little locket for my Harry Potter collection.

Seller was a joy to buy from. Will definitely be purchasing several more

items from her!

May 2020


Sweater Knitting Needles

bought these gorgeous knitting needles for a dear friend, who’d just begun

knitting Harry Potter designs. They are simply the perfect gift for a

My friend was ecstatic. The design, quality and packaging is simply Dina.

She is the most magical of Fandom-creators and the heart and care she

puts into her creations radiates in each item!
Thank you Dina! ❤️

Apr. 2020



Stay Inside The Salt Circle Necklace

Beautiful necklace! I love it! Very important paranormal people

and Wiccans to remember! Thank you very much! Excellent seller!

Beautiful piece!

Mar. 2020


Knight Bust Sign

There are simply no words to describe the quality of

love and talent in every one of Dina's creations!

guests absolutely adore this sign and it adds such magic to the cafe.

Feb. 2020


Sally Wand

I love this Sally Wand so much!! This wand is absolutely

gorgeous and is so beautifully made!!

Jan. 2020


Just As Sane As I Am Necklace

Such a cute necklace! It looks so dreamy and good. I wear it

really often. Fast delivery and the nicest shop owner!

Thank you so much! :)

Dec. 2019


i received two lockets from Splatter Palette.

one being the fantastic beasts locket and the other

being a custom ballet one. both turned out absolutely

beautiful and full of detail. there is not one flaw i would

put on either of the products. both have been worked on

with perfection and definitely worth every single cent i spent!

the customer service was tremendous and she always

updated me with what the lockets looked like and what

she was able to do for me. very grateful for the products

she has made for me and definitely recommend purchasing

from her store, i know i definitely will be again
Dec. 2019



O.W.L Examination Board

Amazing attention to every tiny detail in this O.W.L. Examination

Message Board and there are so many little details! The hand

craftsmanship is fabulous. Item was beautifully packaged. Quick shipping.

May 2019


The Shire Sign Post

It is perfect, so beautifully made!

Oct. 2018


Nephilim Earrings

These are the absolute cutest! I love them to death

and I’m going to wear them everywhere!

Jan 2018.


Morbid Curiosity

Supernatural Bath Salts Set

My sister (who took this photo) absolutely loved

receiving the themed box for her birthday.

Everything smells great, and she's so happy.

thank you for a pleasant experience. 💕

Sept. 2017



Survival 101 Jewelry

Absolutely love the quality and uniqueness of this piece.

It arrived quicker than I expected. Would definitely

buy from this shop again.

Aug 2017



Captured Soul Mini Bottle

Seller has gone the extra mile with helping me get

this item at a time of year when shipping can be tough

from one country to another. Lovely kind hearted seller!

Would recommend for sure!

Dec 2016



AKRI Pendant

This is my favourite piece...very beautifully made...

immense artistic talent involved. Arrived very fast.

In my opinion, way too inexpensive...should be higher

priced...well worth it.


Supernatural Talisman Necklace

Gorgeous piece. I wear it regularly. Item shipped far

quicker than expected. Amazing artist and company!


Hand Print Necklace

Shipped incredibly fast,beautifully made by a phenomenal


July 2015



Police Pencil Case

this item is very geeky and very awesome! It is quite spacious, and fits

all the essentials a time lord, teacher, or police dispatcher might need!

Quality and personality both awesome. Seller shipped quickly (and that is saying

a lot .... I live in the Arctic! )

May 2015



Loki Charm Necklace

SplatterPalette did it again! Great skill and care

created this finely crafted charm - I am sooo Happy!!

Thanks so much again for superb work!!

Aug. 2014


Metal Memories

Beach Charm Bracelets

Can not recommend this seller highly enough! Absolute star, making a custom order ready to send

out the same day, arriving sooner than expected. The items were just adorable and so well received

by recipients.

July. 2014



Stone Angel Earrings

Fantastically creepy! I LOVE them. They will be worn for the 50th anniversary :)

Police Box Hair Clips

Adorable. Fast shipping. Worked tremendously well with my Halloween Costume. Thanks! :)

Nov. 2013



Art Palette Earrings

Bought these for my daughter for her painted themed party. 

Nice little touch and complimented by many.

Sept. 2013



The Wizard World Book Bracelet

Thank you so much for the potion book earrings and house barrettes, it was so thoughtful

of you to send them to me, and to put my picture on your website!

Your jewelry is so creative and beautiful!

Aug. 2013



Wizard World Book Bracelet

My eight year old cousin just adored her gift.

And Dina was great about wrapping it and putting in a card.

June 2013



Wizards Textbooks Inspired Charm Bracelet

I am VERY happy with my purchase! The bracelet is beautiful and the seller is excellent -

fantastic all around!

May 2013












wood envelope at Michaels and knew exact
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