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What do you do when your daughter who loves comics and fanart is

turning Thirteen? You create a Comics Themed Sleepover Party! 

I placed most of the emphasis on Harley Quinn in the party room just to try and keep it a bit 'girly'. Check out some of these ideas!

I used black and yellow bristol board to create a city landscape border for the windows. Large Harley Quinn hammers were made from wrapping paper rolls and foam board. Diamond shapes were added to the streamers and table cloth. 


Template Download!

Sturdy board placemats were painted with chalkboard paint. I drew some speech bubbles to add a bit of comic whimsy. The guests can fill in the blanks to create a comic or they can erase is and draw whatever they wish. 

Harley's shoes were turned into napkin holders and her mask was printed out, cut and glued onto the tumblers.

For a centerpiece, I used a styrofoam head decoupaged in comic strips with Harley's hat added on top. 

Captain America Shield

Cupcake Cake!

Add radioactive labels to green

barrel drinks and masks to cups!

Click image for free templates.

Treat bags are always my favorite things to put together. I used the artwork of Kit Kit Kit, found on deviant art which my daughter loves. I transfered the images onto tote bags using t-shirt transfers.

I created labels to attach to compact mirrors, eyeshadow and lipgloss. Then, to finish the gifts, I added candy, chocolate and a comic book in each bag that my daughter chose for each friend. 

And that completes our ideas for a girl's comics inspired sleepover party! Hope some of these ideas can help you out with your own party.

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