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   About the Artist


Dina Karidas-Bielby majored in Fine Arts (Studio Specialization) at the University of Waterloo and received her B.Ed. (Intermediate/Senior level) from the University of Western Ontario.

Splatter Palette was created through the inspiration of her two beautiful children.

She lives and creates with her family in rural Ontario.​

"I would love to hear or see how Splatter Palette has helped inspire your creativity. Please share your memories or photos with me!"

Personal information will never be shared and photos will never be seen on this site without your permission.​


Splatter Palette

​P.O.Box 593

Wyoming, Ontario. Canada


Questions, comments or special requests can be sent to


I am not nor do I claim to be affiliated with the creations of J.K Rowling, Marvel, Doctor Who or other represented fandoms.
I am simply an enthusiastic and devoted fan who wishes to live in their extraordinary, fantastical worlds every day.


Photo taken at The Wizarding World in Orlando Florida.

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