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Parchment Shelves
Sweets Trunk Ornament
School Suitcase Ornaments
Puff Ornaments
Sweets Dishes
Herbology Candle
Umbridge Candle
Plums Ornament
Frog Candle
Trolley Sign
Sweater Mugs
Wizard Sport Mug
Sweets Mug
Plums Mugs
Sweets Wand
Broomstick Wand
Joke Shop Wand
Alley Wand
Frog Wand
Dragon Wand
Bowtruckle Wand
Sign Post


Original Wands, Wizard and Fandom Decor


Splatter Palette


Where creativity stretches beyond the canvas.

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Splatter Palette will be on holiday for the next few weeks, until the end of May.

Any questions, requests or orders will not be processed until June 2024.

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