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Mermaid Cove Sign Post

Mermaid Cove Sign Post

These meticulously handcrafted and painted sign posts are the perfect addition to your home decor. You can place them in your garden, potted plants, on your desk, or anywhere else you can imagine.
There are 7 signs on these posts. All on one side.
The images are designed by Splatterpalette and are applied on the wooden sticks using a transfer medium. Hand painting is also involved. They are coated with an acrylic glaze for added protection and then glued onto bamboo sticks.
The distressed and weathered look is intentional. Each piece is hand crafted and aged differently which adds to the uniqueness of the piece. Slight Imperfections are normal.
The directions of the signs don't always line up front to back. This is intentional and helps add to the distressed, rugged look.
It measures approx. 5.5 " by 11.5 inches.
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