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These are some of the special Highlights has Splatterpalette has been honoured to be a part of.

In case you happened to miss them!

Fantastic Beasts - Wonders of Nature Exhibit

June 2022- Jan 2023

My Tree Dweller Wand was requested to be

Featured at The Royal Ontario Museum's gift shop

during the exhibit!

The ROM is the largest museum in Canada!

Apr. 2021
When Stacie Mistysyn (Actress, fitness instructor and motivational speaker) asked if I would participate in your World Health Day Video and I was immediately honored and terrified!
She is probably the only person in the world that could have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and join in.
And I will always be grateful that I did.
I had no idea that I would be featured among so many wonderful people and a few Canadian legends that I grew up admiring, including Stacie, as well Pat Mastroianni (Degrassi) Gordon Deppe (Spoons/ Flock of Seagulls) and Gowan!

Mar. 2020
During a worldwide isolation period due to the Corona virus outbreak, Splatter Palette created The #WitchcraftsandWizartry Instagram Challenge.

This challenge encouraged all ages to create something magical, inspired by the Wizarding World, using any medium. It was a way to stay motivated, creative and inspirational to others while being trapped in our burrows.
Here are the wonderful creations that were submitted!







Tom Felton loved his custom wand! He was so happy, he showed his mommy and even said "That's a talent!"
Concept credit for the wand goes to my friend Vanesa Neimeyer who was also the lovely woman who gave it to him and took these photos!





Toronto Fan Expo


It was my absolute pleasure to meet the incredibly kind and immensely talented Actor Mark Sheppard.

I gifted him my Supernatural Locket and he was genuinely

sweet and appreciative.

He will always be The King Of Hell to me.

2018 Mark Sheppard.jpg

Toronto Fan Expo


Also met the sweetest and incredibly multi-talented Hillywood sisters, Hilly and Hannah Hindi who are the Queens of Parody videos.

I made each of them custom fanart bracelets which showcase photos from some of their masterpiece videos. They were exceptionally warm, kind and loving souls.



20180901 Hillywoodb.jpg
20180901 Hillywood.jpg

Dec. 2017
Thank you Spaceships and Laser for including my

Wizard World sign post in your article about "29 Creative Harry Potter Party Ideas"!




Toronto Fan Expo


I had the honor of meeting the beautiful and multi-talented Lights. I made her a locket depicting the covers of her newest comic book series, Skin and Earth. I also made her a sign post illustrating specific areas/landmarks mentioned in the series.

Toronto Fan Expo


I had the pleasure of meeting actor and author, John Barrowman, and gifting him with two special bookmarks  I made.  One was for him and the other for his sister Carole, who co-wrote the Hollow Earth book series with him.

He was genuinely adorable and kind.




May 2017

Extremely thankful and excited to be a part of this talented new author's giveaway!

I met Author Jemma Beckham on Instagram and fell in love with her books! Yup..I'm the fan she's talking about!

Thank you Jemma for loving my creations as much as I love yours!

 October. 2016



Univerisal Orlando Studios discovered my Gringott's painting on Instagram

and asked my permission to use the photo on their websites and social media!

Feb. 2016

The most popular Harry Potter website on the internet has discovered my Sign Tribute!!

Truly grateful to for posting this and sharing it with all of you Potter lovers!

Back (Before owl was added)





Erica Sunshine Lee discovered my Fountain Elixir necklace on line and fell in love with it! Her 7th album is about to be released and is entitled Elixir. Obviously I had to send it to her! She was kind enough to offer to promote me on all of her social media outlets with over 30K followers. Thank you Erica! You are an amazing talent and I'm so honoured to have been contacted by you.


Erica Sunshine Lee "is a Country Music Singer/Songwriter and Nashville Recording Artist who has earned the reputation of "Hardest Working Woman in Country Music” due to her uncompromising work ethic.


She's been on the road full time since her successful release of her 6th album, touring the globe since 2007 across US, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. This prolific songwriter has penned songs that were recorded by over a dozen other artists. Sunshine has opened up for David Allan Coe, David Nail, Brett Eldredge, Randy Houser, and Jack Ingram and has performed with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons" among many other talented artists.












Click on the image above

to watch Erica wearing

the Elixir Necklace singing

'Without a goodnight kiss'.





Erica Sunshine Lee recently had over $10K of equipment jewelry and more stolen from her car. I had to do something to cheer her up so I made her a custom Elixir necklace. I'm thrilled that she likes it! She is such a beautiful and talented woman who's smile brightens up my screen.



"Just got another surprise in the mail, Dina Bielby heard about my recent misfortune getting robbed (my jewelry and equipment, cash, guitar, etc. and everything else they could take) getting stolen from my car in #Orlando and sent me this beautiful handmade necklace in honor of my new album coming out next week #ELIXIR Thank you #splatterPalette on #Etsy for being amazing!"




I made this custom gift for Erica to commemorate the release of her newest album "Buried Treasure".

Karen Gillan from Doctor Who LOVED the jewelry gifts I made her! Although there were no photos permitted, she pouted at her entourage until they gave in and allowed me to take one! She is genuinely a beautiful and kind sweetheart.










Jan. 2016



I was contacted by the founder of who is working with 17 other Harry Potter fan sites to help spread the light of the work J.K. Rowling's charity, Lumos is doing. Obviously, I was happy to help by donating a few things. If any of you would like to donate, either prizes or money, please contact Michaella at Every little bit helps.


"Lumos strides to end the institutionalization of children across the world and aims to put them back into family-base care. (For more on Lumos, visit With our charity project, "Spread the Light" we hope to spread the word & some light on this issue but we need help. We are in need of prizes to give as incentives to donate."



These items were made especially for this cause and are not available in my shop.



Rupert Grint was exactly as I thought he would be, sweet, kind and cuddly! I told him I brought a gift for him and hoped he would get it (since his 'Handler' was a real grump). He smiled and said "Aww..Thank you so much. That's very kind of you. Thank you".





Norman Reedus made my Expo this year! I handed his gift to one of the expo people and she said she would give it to his agent but as we walked into the photo shoot, she yelled to him "This one has a gift for you!" His face lit up like a little kid on his birthday! When my daughter and I got into our places beside him he says: "Is it a subpoena?" Everyone laughs and I say "No." Then I look to the camera ready for my photo but he's still curious, asking, " What is it?". I smile and reply, "You'll see." Just as the photographer is about to snap the photo, he continues " No, seriously, what is it?" He made me laugh and that's why my pose turned out as it did! He is adorable!!!





I surprised Sam Maggs with some jewelry items inspired by her new book ' A Fan Girl's Guide to the Galaxy.' She is truly one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! Thank you for being such a postitive role model and inspration to my daughter and other fan girl's around the world! Always a pleasure Sam!





Contest Lockets


Dark Fantasy Author Tricia Skinner asked me to create some one of a kind lockets depicting her Angel Assassin Series Books, as part of a contest for her debut novel release "Angel Lover".

Thank you Tricia for the opportunity to work with you. It was my truly my pleasure. Your passionate and enthusiastic comments always make me smile when I read them!


"THESE ARE FREAKIN' HARDCORE AND AWESOME! I'm extremely pleased. Hell, I am BLOWN AWAY. BOOM! Where's the top of my skull, lady?!"





An Excerpt Written in Tricia Skinner's Newsletter


TRICIA SKINNER Author of the Angel Assassins Series Sneak Peek: Book Tour Giveaway Items


"Hidden in the wilds of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, is a very talented woman.

Dina is the owner of SplatterPalette, an Etsy shop I discovered during a recent research mission. If you haven't picked up on my personality by now, let me help. I'm quirky and I like odd stuff. Dina's my kind of shop keeper.

I'll be giving away all three of these book-themed lockets/fobs during my two week book tour (June 30-July 14). I'll provide details on how you can enter to win one--plus a subscriber-only bonus item. Shhh... "


                  Win An Angel Assassins Necklace! (Subscriber-only Giveaway) 

As a "thank you" for supporting my work, I'll be giving away four hand-made necklaces, each with the title of one of my books (including the upcoming novella). So, four winners will be randomly chosen from my newsletter subscriber list to receive one.

Winners will be announced on June 30 (release day).


It was an honor to meet the beautiful and talented Laura Vandervoort who truly loved the charm necklace I made for her! Thank you for your kindness Laura.









One of my favorite Canadian authors and a New York Times best seller, Kelly Armstrong loved her book charm bracelet I made her when she visited our library

for a book signing. It features seven of her books.









This bracelet is not available for purchase.

Super Star Struck!!



These are some of the items I made to wear when my daughter and I had a chance to meet the adorable and incredibly talented Matt Smith!! Thank you for making our dream come true Matt!



Vampires Don't Bite!


I never wanted to let go! I made these special items to wear when I had a chance to meet and wrap my arms around the handsome and sweetest vampire ever, Ian Somerhalder!! Thank you for the closeness and the brightest smile I can manage!


These items are not available for purchase.


These items are not available for purchase.


​Splatterpalette's Retro Charm Bracelet was featured in U.K's 2014 summer issue of                                    !




Splatterpalette's Ad was featured on U.K's 'Doctor Who Online'

The biggest, most-popular, and longest-running Doctor Who website on the internet! (2013)


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